v Energy Company (US); Procurement law, energy law, project finance, public private partnership and concession, licensing and regulatory issues, contract law, property law, expropriation and general business and commercial.

v Government of Kosovo (GOK); establishing of the Kosovo Energy Efficiency Fund.

v SoWi Kosovo (Germany/Kosovo); renewable energy project, wind park projects Kitka 2 (12.35 MW), Koznica (22 MW), Zatric (30 MW).

v European Bank for Reconstruction and Development; Procurement and contract advisory and support to the Municipality of Pristina for the ‘Pristina Urban Transport Project’, for procuring of 51 Low-Floor Diesel VI Buses, with a total procurement value of 11,8 million EUR.

v Altair Resources (Canada); purchasing of, and licensing from the Kosovo Commission for Mines and Minerals, for a Mining Field in, as well as establishing and maintaining operations in Kosovo

v European Union Office in Kosovo (EUOK); Technical Assistance to the Mitrovica Municipality in preparatory work for the Operationalising of the Commercial Centre and the Multy-Purpose Sports Facility: Legal and Public Procurement Support.

v Recura Financials (Kosovo); Full scope of legal services on retainer basis.

v Scardian Insurance JSC; Establishment and Licensing of the Financial Institution.


v World Relief (US); Liquidation and winding-up of the Kosovo Financial Institution.

v Paper Communication (KS); Legal and transactional support for the subconcession of Pristina Interational Airport JSC.

v Louis Berger SAS (France); Public Procurement and Legal Advisory Services.

v Luxembourg Development; the development agency of Luxemborug.

v 3P Investments (KS); telecommunication industry.

v Eurolab Interational Group (Italy, Albania).

v ADDO Group (KS).


v Green Investment (Italy).

v MIROS Water (KS).

v ELEN Renewable Energy Solitons.

v Exclusive Group.

v Exclusive Pharmaceuticals.

v IEA Corporation (US).

v IuteCredit Europa AS (Estonia).

v Studio Moderna (Italy).

v Trembelat (KS).

v Trosha (KS).

v Unikosproject (KS).

v Municipality of Gjakova (KS); Public private partnerships.

v Cacttus JSC; Full scope of legal services on retainer basis.

v Klemmann (Greece); Kosovo Operations thorugh the affiliate Hymeri Klemmann Kosovo.

v Cultural Heritage without Borders (Sweeden); Spin-off process of the Kosovo Branch, establishment and operationalization of the Kosovo Entity;

v American Chamber of Commerce in Kosovo.

v Scheider Lift (Germany).

v BITEX GmbH (Germany).

v BluePearl (KS).

v Che Group (KS).

v RUGOVE Corporation (KS).

v Gjirafa Inc. (US).

v Gurmania JSC (KS).

v KosovaAirways (KS).

v ProCon (KS).

v SachPizza (KS).

v ProperPizza (KS),

v Solos Group (KS).

v The Finnish School of Kosovo (FI).

v Vitae (Spain).

v Zero Pozitive (KS); Member of Publicis Group.