• Commercial law

Formation and liquidation of companies; legal analyses; legal advice on companies’ current business; legal service of corporate bodies; transformation, merger and acquisition of companies; bankruptcy and rehabilitation proceedings; due diligence of companies and going concerns; specialized assistance in formation and licensing of banks and finnancial institutions.

  • Tax and customs law

Legal advice on income tax, VAT, local taxes and charges; representation in tax proceedings and proceedings before customs authorities; legal advice in the field of excise law.

  • Labor law

Legal advice on employment relationships; non-employment forms of hiring; employment of foreigners; creation of internal regulations in employing entities; legal advice on collective labor agreements; advice to employers’ organisations and representation of employees in disputes with trade unions.

  • Energy law

Legal advice on all activities in the power sector, including pre-licensing, licensing; public-private-partnerships; acquisitions, mergers, competition law, long-term contracts and power projects’ financing.

  • Contract law

Legal advice on agreements, execution and termination of agreements; legal opinions on agreements and other legal instruments as well as on actual and legal actions taken by individuals and corporate entities or entities without legal identity; the drafting of agreements and other complex legal instruments as well as standard agreement templates; matters of contract liability of parties to an agreement; participation in conducted bargains and negotiations aimed at establishing, changing or termination a legal relationship.

  • Environmental law

Legal advice on compliance with environment protection requirements as well as on administration authorities’ obligations with regard to environment protection; legal representation in proceedings before administration authorities; legal advice on the obtaining of relevant permits and aid funds for implementation of environment protection projects.

  • Construction law, real property acquisition and investment

Legal services of investment processes in the construction industry; legal advice on preparation, organisation and implementation of investment projects; legal advice on real property trading, legal audit of companies and real property; negotiations and implementation of construction works contracts and engineering supervision contracts as well as contractor agreements; agreements related to equipment of industrial plants and factories; legal and administrative advice related to acquisition of real property by foreigners; legal service of local government’s and state’s investments in infrastructure in the area of road and bridge constructions.

  • Intellectual property and media law

Negotiation and execution of IT services contracts; registration of trade marks and patents; legal advice on transfer of industrial property rights and on protection of copyrights; legal advice in the field of press, radio and TV law.

  • Court litigation, administrative proceedings and commercial arbitration

Legal opinions on grounds for instigation or discontinuance of proceedings; legal representation in court proceedings and enforcement proceedings as well as before public administration and local government authorities, tax authorities, arbitration tribunals and in international commercial arbitration; mediation and assistance in negotiations.

  • Criminal law

Representation of our clients in criminal proceedings as a defence counsel on criminal law aspects of business operations, by business entities and liability of management board and supervisory board members in companies.